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Covid 19: Support message from WCARS

WFD’s West and Central Africa Regional Secretariat (WCARS) is aware that Coronavirus pandemic has affected many communities around the world and deaf communities in West and Central Africa are not spared.

In this situation, the Deaf Associations, members of WCARS are doing their best to make information accessible to deaf people by means of sign language interpretation. WCARS supports them!

Because of the pandemic, the planned activities are put on pause. Training and follow-up trips are suspended. But we stay connected with the project associations and we inquire about news via e-mail, WhatsApp messages and video calls. We too make sure that everything is fine on their side. We are also in regular contact with partners, especially Danish Association of the Deaf (DDL) and Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD).

The more connected we are, the more united and stronger we are!