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ToT training 2nd round coming soon

The second ToT training will take place from late August to September 2018 in Niamey, Niger.

As a result of the changes in TDTs recommended by the WCARS Board during the first project forum held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast last June 2018, the topics that were taught in 2017 will be repeated for their greater saturation. The forum in Abidjan also recommended that the training of the TDTs, 2nd round be organized and held over a period of 21 days or 3 full weeks instead of the earlier two weeks.

WCARS Project Training Officer (PTO) and Project Coordinator (PC) will supply trainings. An expert Trainer from Ghana will complete trainings provided by both PTO and PC. He is recognized for having provided his worth during the ToT training first round last September 2017 in Lomé and the TDTs’ study trip in Accra last October 2017. The expert in training has vast leadership and knowledge about the needs of the Deaf Associations and the theme of deafness.

WCARS wishes the new TDTs who will receive trainings from the 2nd round training all the very best of luck. Outcomes of their work in home will be evaluated at the second project forum meeting in 2019 in Bamako, Mali.